Join a Group Run!

W ant to get plugged into the local running community? Best way we know of is to join in one of our group runs. We have them all over town, mornings, evenings and weekends.

This is a great way to meet others with a passion for running, explore new routes and find accountability. All groups are open to you, understand that we are not the elites, just your average type runner. Not fast enough to keep up? Bet you will find someone in each group that is at the same place as you are. We want you to succeed! Click on any of the logos below to find the Facebook group for each.


Panera Pounders

A group of great friends who meet several times a week to run some miles. Leaving Panera Bread parking lot Thursdays at 5:15 am sharp for a 5.25 to 5.5 route that loops through Research Park , but shorter versions are available . All paces are welcome and hang around after for coffee & conversation.
Panera Pounders

No Runner Left Behind

This is a subset of the We Run Huntsville group specifically for road runners wanting to learn to run trails. We recommend you be able to run 5 miles at a 12-min/mile pace. We run at 7am on Sundays, October through March. We provide a "leader" (who often can't actually lead because many are faster) and a "sweeper" who will make sure everyone stays on course. Sun - Monte Sano 7am.


MSFC Running Club

This is open to anyone that has access to Redstone. The Tuesday runs will generally start at the NASA gym on Digney road at 5pm. We will have two different groups, a racing group for people who can average faster than 9:30 minutes/mile for 5 miles, and a fitness group for folks slower than that pace which will do 4 miles. Each group will only meet if a “run leader” sends out an email by each Monday at noon.
MFSC Running Club

We Run Downtown HSV building Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30am. Also a Pub Run on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Check the Facebook page for starting point. Longer run (5.14 miles) and a shorter run (3.32 miles). All paces welcome. Calendar
We Run Downtown HSV


Trail Klutzes Running Club

Easy slow/med BEGINNER geared EVERYONE welcome TRAIL RUN .. some walk For those that can't get out of bed to do a 7am trail run (hehe) Here's an easy one in the midmorning/afternoon .. great for beginners. Sunday - Monte Sano 1pm.
Trail Klutzes

Huntsville Roadrunners

We are currently meeting at McGucken Park at 5:00 A.M. every Sunday morning. Paces typically range from 8:45-9:45 per mile. We meet near an entrance to Aldridge Creek Greenway, so it's very easy to add on miles if you need them. Come join us.
Huntsville Roadrunners


Blevins Gap Trail Runners

STARTING BACK UP IN MAY. This group is for those who want to organize runs on the trails at the North Alabama Land Trust's Blevins Gap property. Wednesday - Blevins Gap parking lot, 5:30pm
Blevins Gap

Tuesday Night Speed Club

Huntsville Speed Work, Huntsville High School Track. Tuesdays at 5:30pm
Check WRH Facebook
Run for God logo

Run For God Run Club

Looking for a running group in Madison? Join us for the Run For God Run Club Walkers welcome!
Run For God

Harvest Hazelnuts

Currently 3 mile and 5 mile routes. Paces 8-15 minutes. There are a few hills in this neighborhood so be ready! Meet at Sparkman High School parking lot a little before 8:00 AM Saturday. Runs will be in the surrounding neighborhoods. Calendar
Harvest Hazelnuts

Visit our calendar for a full listing of each running group's schedule!
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