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April 13, 2017
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January 13, 2019

My Running Story – Amanda

By Amanda Weaver
“So, a little over year ago (January 2016) I promised myself my 30s would be the best years of my life (I’m 31 now) and while that promise started out good it started to faulter at some point around midway through the year, or earlier… Who’s counting? I wasn’t getting support at home and I was struggling to deal with the stressors coming at me from life and work while trying to manage housework and kids and all the activities in between.
My journey really officially began this past October (2016) and I made a commitment to myself that I would get healthier because in December I would be given the diagnosis of hypothyroid disease, although the exact disease hasn’t been determined just yet. I’d realized not long after that that I’d been suffering from this for the last 14 years probably, with my first pregnancy triggering symptoms.
Three kids later my symptoms kicked up and I couldn’t get rid of weight and I’d gain it even though I was careful about what I was eating and was working out but nothing “super serious”. I’d go to Body Pump two to three times a week and meet my trainer once a week but being “all in” still wasn’t there although it was becoming more routine for me to go.
Oct 2016
Well, then team training rolls around and I sign up to give it a whirl…. And I never turned back! That was a game changer for me and I made the commitment in October that I would make my 30s the BEST YEARS of my life and continue to move forward with or without support. I wanted to finally be that role model for my kids and I needed self confidence and strength in my life again.
I was beginning to spiral into what could’ve become a big depression but deciding I wanted to take control of my life in a different way and commit to my health and well being was first and foremost. I have lost 40 pounds and lost over 25 inches over my entire body in six months. My strength and stamina has increased substantially as well. My current Max PRs are as follows: deadlift 245 lbs x1; back squat 245 lbs x1; front squat 125 lbs x1; bench press 135 lbs x1.
Healthy eating and exercise is the key. Not a “diet” but a literal lifestyle change! I struggled in the beginning but I have been successful so far. No plans to stop! I rarely consume sugars and I keep my carbs low, my good fats high and my protein moderate as I follow the ketogeneic way of eating. I started out on the Zone eating plan and switched to try keto per advice from my throid doctor.
I am happier now than I have been in the last seven or eight years probably. I’m not longer his wife or their mom or whoever I’ve been labeled and defined as all these years. I’m me. I’m Amanda. I’m strong and I am able and I am beautiful. I am seeing myself in a whole new way and I love it. “