Why Walk?

Did you know?

Walking has numerous physical and mental health benefits.  Here are our favorites:

  • Daily exercise reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity
  • Research from the University of Michigan Medical School shows that those who exercise regularly in their 50’s and 60’s are 35% less likely to die over the next eight years than their non-walking peers
  • Walking regularly can improve your sleep! According to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, women with a history of insomnia reported sleeping better after participating in one hour morning walks

Walking makes people happy!  You don’t need to run an ultra-marathon to get a “runner’s high”—walking  regularly releases the same pain-killing endorphins

But You Don’t Understand—I’m (REALLY!) Not The ‘Athletic’ Type

You will find no stopwatches or timers here—we believe that anyone, regardless of age, weight, or physical ability, can (and should!) join WWH. Whether you came into this world donning a pair of running shoes or if your primary form of exercise is posting internet memes, all that matters is that you come out and join us!

No shoes? No Problem!

You can’t walk without the perfect pair of shoes—and we have you covered!  WWH has partnered with New Balance to bring you discounts on shoes, socks, and other athletic equipment that you may need to get moving.  When you sign up for a group, be sure to ask your Walk Leaders about discounted prices!

Simple Steps
Getting active can be difficult—especially if you try to do it on your own. We Walk Huntsville is all about connecting groups of ‘non-athletic’ athletes—those that want to get in shape, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of joining a running group. Start moving with us today—check the calendar for walking groups in your area, and be sure to check out our Facebook page.


Calling all high-school and college students!

Do you have service hours that you need to fulfill?  Start a walking group!  It’s an easy way to showcase your leadership skills,  get active, make friends, and build the community—and we’ll write you a reference letter for any jobs, internships, or co-ops that you apply for!

Join US for a Group Walk

Let’s Walk!

Are you ready to walk? Join us at any one of our group walks. The calendar is full of opportunities to walk, both inside and outside. The Huntsville Parks Dept has several walks that take place inside their facility. The weather is always great at these! Come Join us. Want to add something a little different? Join us for a hike!

Don’t see one that fits your schedule or is not close to you? Start one! We can help. Set a time and location that works for you and we will add it to our calendar. Email us for more details.

We Walk Huntsville is proud to have partnered with the Mayor’s Healthy Huntsville campaign. This program aims to reduce obesity rates through promotion of healthy eating and active lifestyles. When you check out (and join!) the WWH Facebook group, be sure to check out and join the Healthy Huntsville Facebook page! There you will find the resources that you need to be a healthier you—from delicious recipes, fitness and nutrition tips, free events around the city, and more!


Healthy Huntsville